Only obtain what you need

Back in the day when I was a youngster I tended to collect quite a few things that took up a lot of space (CDs, books, and all things electronics to name a few). I rarely threw things away unless they were broken or I in some way outgrew them. Who knows, I might need these someday.

I never did, though, needed those things ever again. Books kept piling up, books I never re-read. They were just lying around collecting dust. Clothes in the drawers never being used. Some of which I tried on, but quickly discarded and put them back in the drawer. Keeping stuff that could be useful to me in the future was only taking up space and was never used.

Sometimes I cave in and get me something that’s not a necessity but something I want. But never on a whim

Having too much stuff that was being unused started to be very obvious to me when at a point in my life, I moved between cities. Realizing I packed and unpacked things that I was never using. So ever since then, I have been trying my best only to purchase and keep things I need. Sometimes I cave in and get me something that’s not a necessity but something I want. But never on a whim, I think it through carefully at first. After all, it’s crucial to live a little too and get things that make you feel good too 🙂

Obtain and keep only what you need, it turns out, will have such a lasting positive impact on you

Let’s dive into the benefits of living a de-cluttered life.

Less money spent

The fewer things you obtain, the more hard-earned money you get to keep. This benefit is, of course, the most obvious one and can transform into increased savings to make your finances stronger you can also invest in experiences that will enrich your life. Fill your life with memories together with your friends, not stuff.

Freeing up your time

Having fewer things around you means less stuff to tidy up. It is easier to make decisions (what clothes should I wear today). Also, think of all the time you will free up previously spent on online shopping sites. Spend these moments with your family, friends, and pet instead.

Peace of mind

Decluttering just makes for a beautiful and peaceful mind. You will feel much more relaxed and calm, and you can instead focus your brain’s energy on positive experiences in your life. It will truly make such a lasting and positive impact on your mind and life.

Let’s do this!

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