Launching Applied lean living

I am so excited to take the leap and write about lean living, a topic that is near and dear to my heart. I am going to touch on topics that relate to a happier, more productive, and economic life. Expect a new article every fortnight.

Put yourself in control

These articles will contain nuggets of wisdom that will propel your life. If you have not already started, it is due time you put yourself in control of your life. Think of these as a set of recipes that you can apply one at a time to gradually improve your living.

As with recipes in a cookbook, not everything I write here will appeal or work for everyone. We are all different, and even more importantly, in various stages in life. These are primarily meant as inspiration to drive you forward. Take what works for you now where you are in life and adapt them to your needs.

It takes time and willpower to change

Finally, do not try to apply all recipes at once and rush things. It does not work well with a cookbook, and it does not work well with these recipes. Of course, some recipes are easy and could probably be applied simultaneously, but remember that you are in this for the long run and do not overdo it. Take your time.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy reading and applying these bite-sized nuggets of life-improving recipes as I am writing them.


Let’s do this

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