Declutter for an easy living

Clutter, why do we have it? There are of course many reasons but some of the most frequent ones include uncontrolled consumption and attachment with strong emotions and memories. Or just the plain old, I might need it someday.

For many years I belonged to the group that kept things in case I needed them someday. I never did though… needed those things at some point in the future. Loads of books I never re-read collecting dust. Clothes in the drawers never being used. Things that could be useful at some point in the future, were only taking up space and actually never used.

This started to be very obvious when at a point in my life I moved between cities. Realizing I packed and unpacked things that were never used. So ever since I have been hell-bent to only keep things I really need, want, and bring value to me. With a big emphasis on need. On top of this, every time I get rid of things I no longer need, it brings me so much satisfaction afterward. It is practically the best thing ever.

I have been hell-bent to only keep things I really need, want, and bring value to me

Then what are some of the benefits when you remove clutter from your life.

Having less things around you means less things to tidy up, even more so if you have kids. It is easier to make decisions (what clothes should I wear today).

And not to mention the amount of time wasted on searching for things you can not find because you just have too many things laying around making finding what you really need unnecessary hard.

Decluttering my home has made me more focused on what truly matters, instead of constantly having a guilty conscious that I should tidy up, or stuff laying around that never gets used. I really should start playing that guitar today. It is just so liberating living in a decluttered home.

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